Discounted Motorcycle Insurance

Protect Your Bike and Yourself With the Right Coverage

Add freedom from worry to your other freedoms of the open road with dependable motorcycle coverage from the friendly folks at McBee Insurance Agency. 

Ensure you and your passengers, as well as your investment in the bike itself, are financially protected from a range of issues.
  • Property loss due to accident or theft
  • Medical costs following an accident
  • Liability costs in court settlements
Motorcycle discounts

Ask Us About Special Discounts for Motorcycle Owners

We are always looking to save you money on your premiums, so be sure to talk to us about the many options available. 

The most obvious way to cut your premiums is to raise your deductible, but it is not the only possibility. Other discounts may be available.
  • Having multiple policies, especially likely since you may have both a car and a bike or more than one bike
  • Taking motorcycle safety training from groups like the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, which is especially beneficial to riders under 25
  • Storing your bike in a garage
  • Belonging to a motorcycle association
  • Maintaining a good driving record and reaching a mature rider status
Remember that the kind of bike you have and the age of the bike can make a difference in your premiums, as well, so be sure to ask.
Motorcycle insurance

Come See Us at McBee Insurance Agency Today

You are welcome to step into our office at 1641 North Shadeland Ave in Indianapolis or 1025 East 53rd St. in Anderson at any time to talk about your cycle coverage. 

Call 765-640-1400 or 317-351-2800 now if you have questions or want a FREE insurance quote.
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